Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WW Update!

So...yeah.  It's been a few weeks.  You know what that means, right? 

Me too.

We went on vacation and then for some reason I really had a hard time getting back into things when we got back.  Perhaps it had something to do with the fact I was eating Twizzlers, fun size candy bars, and Starbursts for breakfast in Florida.  Not sure. 

But last week I finally got back on the horse.  I got serious at the gym and stayed within my points everyday.  So here's the update since I started...again, that was approximately 5 weeks after Natalie was born.

Weight loss since last reported:  5.5 lbs.
Total weight loss:  31 lbs.

Also, something exciting comes with this new weigh in.  I have finally reentered the world of ONE-derland!  Now, at first this was not something I was all psyched up to share.  Seeing as saying you have entered into one-derland is admitting that at one time you were actually in the TWOs.  Which no one wants to say.  But there you have it.  I was there.  Granted, I was there because I was pregnant...but I was still in it for 6 months after my sweetie was born so I can't blame her for everything now can I. 

Truth is, I've been there before.  I lost 75 lbs. before I got married and I vowed I would never be that heavy again.  I wanted to make sure I was at a healthy weight before I got pregnant so I would never have to see those numbers again.  Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out that way.  I gained some weight back during the first few years of our marriage (who doesn't?)...not nearly as much as I lost...but enough that when I got pregnant I knew I was going to see those dreaded numbers again.  It was frightening to see the weight come on as quickly as it did.  I found it incredibly easy to lose myself in pregnancy and not worry about what I was eating.  That is a mistake I will not make again.

I made a vow to Matt that I would not harass him about having another child until I reached my goal weight.  I have a long way to go but I feel like I'm in the groove.  I'm gonna do it.  I've done it before...and I can do it again.  And then the next time I get pregnant I won't have to lose the baby weight + all the extra fluff!  And there's motivation in another squishy little newborn :)

So how are y'all doing? 


melissa said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm sure being so honest about weight does not come easy - I know it doesn't to me. But I'm finding myself in exactly your shoes and hearing that someone else has been there is so helpful. You're doing so awesome! Congrats on the 1's!

Kristen said...

yay for the ONE's!!!! I came dangerously close to the two's myself and luckily changed my gears just in time! I've quit dieting since Memorial weekend and sadly have gained about 7 lbs back.... I know, it's only 7, but those 7 are so hard to lose! It's time for me to get back into gear! Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I am in the same boat too! Thanks for being honest!

Lora said...

Yaaaay! Congrats on the one-derland! I'm so close to that magical place at the moment (and still in shock that I ever got to the two spot) and I am so excited! I've been dipping a toe in the water for a week or so...but only one pair of those pants are fitting so far. Which means they're probably mis-labeled but I.Don't.Care! :-)