Monday, July 25, 2011

Menu Monday

When a person, AKA me, decides to start posting menus, it's usually on a day when you make a really fantastic meal and can't wait to share so all of your bloggy friends think you are just such a fabulous cook and they can't believe you don't have your own show on Food Network.  Right?

Well, the truth is...some weeks are just full of pre-packaged meals and making whatever the heck you can find from something hidden in the bottom of the deep freezer.  That, my friends, was last week.  We went grocery shopping after church on Sunday without making a list (which I despise) so this is what happened.  Note to self:  never do that again.

Monday:  Frozen Pizza

Yep.  Keeping it real here, peeps.  Doesn't get much easier than this.  We actually ate it standing up as Natalie was having a rough night and Matt was walking her around in the Baby Bjorn just trying to get her to GO TO SLEEP!!  As an aside...that didn't work.  But the pizza was pretty good.  I prefer a good pepperoni and sausage myself...but this was alright.

WW points:  15 points/4 slices (1/2 pizza)

Tuesday:  Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Did you really think this was going to be homemade?  Nope.  Not this week.  I microwaved it for like 4 minutes and then ate it.  Unfortunately, you could tell.  It was just okay.  Not sure I would ever buy it again.  But really, it took 4 minutes.

WW points: 13 points/serving
2 Servings
Hamburger Buns:  4 points/bun
2 buns
Total Meal:  21 points

Wednesday:  Taco Stuffers

We had a coupon for this stuff.  For a few weeks we couldn't find it in the grocery store because we were looking in the refrigerated and frozen food section.  You know, because it has meat in it.  Um, we found it with the Mexican food.  Not refrigerated.  Both Matt and I were seriously weirded out by this, but we'll try anything if it's $1 off.

Talk about easy...microwave the pouch for 60 seconds and you're done.  We put it in tortillas and topped it with Mexican cheese.  I thought it was kinda mushy.  All the ingredients seemed to meld together and the texture was a little strange.  It tasted fine...but I definitely would not buy this again unless the coupon was perhaps $3 off.

WW points:  6 points/servings
2 Servings
Tortillas:  3 points/tortilla
2 tortillas
1/3 cup Mexican cheese = 3 points
Total Meal:  15 points

Thursday:  Ravioli

This was the "reach into the deeper freezer with your eyes closed and make what comes out" day.  I had some leftover frozen ravioli that I cooked...added some spaghetti sauce...and presto!  Meal!  We also had some Texas toast as a side.  I figure a day when I use the stove AND the oven constitutes a legit meal, yes?

WW points:  13 points for 1/2 leftover ravioli and 1 cup sauce
Texas Toast:  4 points
Total Meal:  17 points

Friday:  Hamburgers with Potato Wedges

WW points:  6 points/5 oz. lean ground beef burger
Hamburger Bun:  4 points
3 oz. Potato Wedges:  3 points
Total Meal:  13 points

Saturday:  Grilled Steak w/ Grilled Corn on the Cob

Finally!  A real meal!  Matt bought some ribeye last time we were at the store so we grilled it up with the corn and it was AWESOME!  In fact when we finished, I suggested we begin eating exclusively steak.  Apparently, according to my husband, we do not have a money tree growing in our yard so I was shut down.  Story of my life.

WW points:  9 points/8 oz. of steak; 2 points/one medium corn on the cob
Total Meal:  11 points
I used spray butter on my corn so as to not add any additional points.  We did marinate the steak in a teriyaki marinade beforehand but I've learned the meat never really soaks up enough of the marinade to add any points to a meal.

Sunday:  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Brown Rice

This meal was pretty good.  10 minutes on the stove top and it's done.  But, it does NOT serve 3.  2...maybe.  I was pretty much still starving after my measly little serving.  I had to finish off the meal with a bowl full of strawberries just to get through the night. 

WW points:  9 points/serving
3 servings
Brown Rice:  4 points/serving
Total Meal:  13 points

Now, please come back next week when I cross my heart to make you actual meals that include recipes.  PROMISE!


Tatiana said...

I have those 'out of the bottom of the freezer' weeks all the time. Especially when I'm too exhausted to think about making anything. But the frozen potato wedges are a go to almost every single week. We love them!

Dollface said...

I love all of these freezer foods! I love getting the steam fresh veggie bags.. they are soo great! xxxoo

Sara said...

We definitely have frozen pizza nights and ravioli nights because they're so easy! I love the CPK BBQ chicken pizza - it's no sausage and cheese, but it'll do! And those Ole El Paso pouches are not too bad. I've only had the Fiesta Rice one, but we really liked it! Try that one next as a side dish. Couldn't be easier!

Lora said...

those weeks SO happen.

in fact, i have to be so intentional about cooking right now, that i'm kind of planning to do an entire week of stuff like that. trader joe's gorgonzola gnocchi on night one, a frozen pizza on night 4...sounds like heaven.