Friday, July 1, 2011

Leaving On a Jetplane...With an Infant...HELP!

This Sunday, my little family of three will be boarding an airplane headed to the gorgeous state of Florida.  We are meeting my parents, my sister, and her husband for a long over due vacation.  While I'm super excited about this trip, I can't help but be a tad nervous about flying with our sweet girl. 

The sheer volume of crap she requires on a daily basis is overwhelming.  The girl's list surpasses mine.  Luckily, I was able to take advantage of my in laws being up here last weekend and I sent some things home with them to give to my parents who offered to bring them down for us.  They're driving.  So is my sister.  Matt and I?  We fly.  We are not road trip people.  Especially with our sweet new addition.

We've decided to just hold her on the flight as she is not a huge fan of just chilling in her car seat.  This way I'll be able to easily feed her on board as well as pass her off to Matt if need be.  Unfortunately, we don't have a direct flight so we're looking at about a 2 hour flight followed by another hour. 

Have any of y'all traveled with small children?  Do you have any tips for this mama?  We're going to check her car seat at baggage claim but keep her stroller with us so we'll have somewhere to put her.  We're also thinking of bringing her Baby Bjorn with us as it's pretty much her favorite place to be.  I'm more worried about her on the plane, though.  Feeding her will only last so long and the girl gets restless!  Plus, her talking is more like 'screaming.'  We are so going to be those parents...  Good thing she's so cute.  Perhaps people will give us a pass?

But you know what?  It's just one morning.  We'll be there by 10:30 a.m., head to the pool, and all of my worries will fade away.

Until 6 days later when we have to do it all over again :)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Fourth of July!!  Loves!


The Shabby Princess said...

Y'all will be fine! Just relax--yes, the flight will suck, but, it'll be a short blip on the radar of an awesome vacation!! Have soooo much fun! I can't wait to see pictures of my little Natalie June in the sand--ahhhh!!


Lucy Marie said...

Brave! I hope you have a great time and it goes well. She will do fine. She'll probably surprise you. Enjoy your trip. Jealoussss. We're doing an 8 hr road trip tomorrow. EEEEK.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Well we've now survived both plane and car road trips. Both went fine. Make sure to either nurse or give her a bottle during take off and landing. That will help with the ears. As for entertainment, does she have a favorite toy? Maybe take it a away for a few days so when she sees it for the plane ride it will be new and exciting again!

Good luck! I'm sure you'll all do great!

melissa said...

I don't have any advice but I'm sure you guys will do fine! You'll do your best to keep her entertained but if she's fussy, people can deal. It's a crying baby - there are worse things. If anyone gives you any looks, throw dirty diapers. :)

Where in Florida are you headed?

Lora said...

my friend laura has traveled with her baby soooo many times she has it down to an art form. seriously, i think iz was on a plane more times before her first birthday than i've ever been! and she's a single mom.

one thing i know she's told me is to nurse during takeoff and landing so that baby doesn't scream -- ears aren't popping if they're nursing :0)

i'm sure there's more...but i'm equally sure you (and she!) will be just fine!