Monday, August 27, 2012

Books, Beach, and Baseball...Oh My!

We had a really great, really full week last week!  My best friend was out of town so I was worried Natalie and I would be bored out of our minds.  But mama stepped it up and thought up some new activities!  We spent some time at the library a town over.  They have a fantastic kids' area and Natalie had an absolute blast!  I think we went there three times in one week!  Girl was in heaven.  Her favorite part by far?  Rocking in the little chairs. 

We also ventured out to the beach one afternoon.  Can you believe we live by the beach and we have never taken Natalie?  I mean, I have only been once myself!  She had a ball.  It was messy as all heck but totally worth it.

Daddy came home on the weekend from a week long business trip!  It was so great to see him.  I just adore Natalie's face when she sees him for the first time after he's been gone.  She loves her daddy so much.  We spent Saturday morning walking around one of the Metroparks in the area.  We saw so many deer out in the woods.  And we also found a park along the way.  Natalie is in her happy place in the swing...

Sunday morning Natalie and I enjoyed sitting in the yard watching Daddy cut the grass.  It was seriously the best.  The weather was so perfect, warm and breezy.  Great start to the day.

After her extra long nap, we took Natalie to her very first baseball game.  We have an independent league in Avon so we got some lawn tickets and enjoyed the game.  Seriously, it just made my heart happy spending such a great time with my family.  Natalie was a doll, ate a great dinner, and the weather was again gorgeous.  Seriously could not have asked for a better weekend.

I even scored a picture of us together SMILING!  Girl is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it. 

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Miss Sweet Tea said...

Oh my gosh, Natalie is getting so big! She is absolutely precious. I would die for that head full of perfect hair, love those curls!