Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cakes Galore!

Y'all, I have been so blessed with weekly cake orders lately!  Even though it can get overwhelming at times, I always love the finished product so much.  Totally worth the effort.  

I made an Elmo cake for a little girl's 2nd birthday party.  Her parents were crazy about it when I dropped it off.  Frankly so was I!  Ha!  I just love the look of the fur.  So cool!

I think I posted one picture of this before, but I also made a cake for a Paris themed 1st birthday party.  It was her smash cake and matched the decor so perfectly.  Love it!

Lastly, I made just a regular cake for a get together.  It was for a new client and she seemed very pleased.  Hopefully it will result in some repeat business!!  Ha!

1 comment:

Miss Sweet Tea said...

These all look great! You are really talented with decorating and fondant!