Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was just thinking today about my favorite city in the entire world...Chicago! My sister Jessi lives there with her husband of almost 3 weeks Dave. His name is actually Dave Matthews (and I'm SOOOO not joking!) but I think he gets irritated when I call him that. He's always trying to be called David...but I'm not giving in. I will settle for DMB.

Here are the two goofballs before the Sox game

Anyways, they're pretty much my favorite people in the world. Matt and I have so much fun when we are with them. I LOVE it when they come to Cleveland to visit, but I especially love our trips to Chicago. It is such a fantastic city. My dad was born in Illinois and then moved in Indiana when he was a child, and I'm not certain that his childhood ties to the state have ever fully been broken...perhaps this is evident in the fact that I was raised a religious Bears and White Sox fan...although we lived in Indianapolis. As I have aged, my love for these teams has only deepened (I'm a daddy's girl!). I feel a strong responsibility to support them seeing as I do not live in Chicago. There is no shame in being the minority...and it is even more satisfying when they beat Cleveland!

Here I am showing my love for AJ at Father/Daughter Day last my daddy's hat!

You'd think that these stadiums would be my favorite spot in Chicago...well you'd be wrong. Although I LOVE them both and think they are great very favorite place to hang out in Chicago is.....

The Bean!!

Almost every time I am in the city I force someone to go with me to see the bean. I'm not exactly sure why I love it so much...but I do! How could you's a huge, reflective bean in the middle of Millenium Park. It's awesome! Here's my favorite picture from my times at the bean...

This is one of those really neat reflective pictures you can take in the bean...there's Matt, Jessi, Dave, and me...Dave and I are kinda dorks when we're together...if you couldn't tell :)

Have you ever been to Chicago?? What's your favorite part??

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That Fresh Feeling said...

I have never been...but it looks awesome.

Thanks for sharing and i look forward to reading more of your blog.