Monday, February 23, 2009

Soaps & Noah Update!

So I'm sure you are all wondering how my Soap Opera Mania event went on Saturday!?! Well, if I'm being totally was kind of lame :( But also kind of cool :) Here's what went down...

The doors opened at 10 am so Matt and I got there around 10:15. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was definitely not what I saw. They put all of us in one of those ballrooms in the hotels where they had chairs all set up surrounding this stage. The stage had about 10 chairs or so on it for the actors/actresses to sit. I bet there was only about 100 people total there. For some reason, I expected way more. Oh well...because of this we got great seats. Here's Matt before it started...playing games on his phone! The nerve! Notice all of the empty seats?? What were they expecting when the tickets were $95!?!

They began by showing this short video clip of each individual actor and then that person would come out. (By the way..the sounds was AWFUL and you could hardly understand what the clip was even saying!...even so EJ was looking SO good!) Here he is talking with Cameron right after he was announced.

They followed this up with some Q & A time which took about an hour. Here's Austin and EJ fielding questions from the audience to the actors.

It was around this point that I started to feel uncomfortable being there. Now, I thought I was a soap fan...and I will completely admit that I watch Days everyday...and perhaps I get a weekly newsletter...and sometimes I go to websites to get spoiler update (hush!) BUT I have nothing on these women. They watched ALL the soaps, knew everyone's real names, and probably the names of their pets too. I was starting to get the creepy fan vibe and I didn't want to be associated with that!

Matt bet me a dollar before the questions started that someone would ask something of the actors as if they were really the people they play on tv. I took the bet...even though I was confident I would lose...and I did...but I was surprised at how quickly I lost. One woman asked EJ when he was going to find out about Nicole's baby not really being hers and when he was going to get back with Sami. It was funny to watch him react...but he was polite about it. They all were really...and they had great senses of humor during the time we were there.

Then came time for the meet and greet. This was by far the best part! Here were my scores...

Nope...he's not bending down to reach me...he's just that short

Don't we make a cute couple??!!

They had to break for lunch and had some other stuff scheduled after that...but we decided to bolt. I got what I came for (see above)!

So onto my Noah update! Did anyone watch ER?? I finally watched it on Sunday and it was truly fantastic to see him on the show again. It really has never been the same without him...perhaps I'm biased...but I don't care. He's simply fabulous!

Well the show was going quite well...they had just offerred him a position back at the hospital (future episodes!!!) becasue he was going to be in the Chicago area. He wasn't really clear about why he was back or how long he would be in the city...but what do I care! It's the final season and he's back! So...the last minute of the show...they start off in a room with these people hooked up to machines...and I'm not sure but it looks like the machines Dr. Greene was hooked up to when he was on chemo. Maybe it's dialysis...I don't know...but it's not good. I started to get a bad feeling when they began panning down the row of patients. I actually said out loud, "Please don't be John, please don't be John." And then, my heart fell to the floor when I saw Dr. Carter hooked up to one of the machines. I started to freak! Matt came running into the room because he thought something was wrong with me! I had tears rolling down my face...actual tears! I can't believe they brought him back to the show to kill him right in front of me! I already had to live through his stabbing....wondering if he was alive for a whole summer...and now this! And...I can't even boycot the show if they kill him because it's the last season! As you can tell, I'm completely devestated, and hooked for the rest of the season. Well done NBC, well done.

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Sara said...

I am so jealous! EJ is my favorite! I'm glad you had a good time! Thanks for tagging me!