Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dogs Rule

Every year since I first met my husband...which has been about 6 years now (wow...that long!)...we have watched the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show together. Before I met him, I really didn't even know this existed. Well, I had probably heard of it, but didn't realize just how big of a deal it was until I started watching it. I got hooked instantly. I'm a sucker for dogs...having one myself for 10 years...and I just think they are the sweetest, most loving animals of all time.

Here's my sweet baby Sandy...she's an Australian Cattle Dog

The show was on this Monday and Tuesday. We had to tape some on Tuesday because it ran until 11pm and our bedtime is 10pm (sad...I know...but I have to get up at 4:45am!) It highlights the rounds where the judges select the winners of the 7 different groups and then the winner of best in show. I do admit, it can run a little long, but I really don't get bored. All of the dogs have something unique about them. It's also a chance to see loads of dogs I have never even heard of. Here are some pics from Westminster's website of my favorite dogs that are a little out there...




Some of my personal favorites are the Pug, the St. Bernard, and the Australian Cattle Dog...of course! This was an extra sentimental year for me personally, seeing as we had to put my precious Sandy down late last year. It was really hard on my whole family and I still struggle with the idea of her not being around. She lived with my parents in Indianapolis so I hadn't been living in the same house with her for a couple of years, but it has still been a difficult transition for me. honey bunny is allergic so my hopes of getting a huge, fluffy dog have been crushed. Matt actually has a love of dogs I think he is a little sad that we can't get one of our own. He had a really strong connection with his landlord's dog when he was attending law school in Virginia. She was a Cavalier King Charles named Cassie. He still talks about her from time to's pretty cute. Here's one at the show....

We have considered getting a hypoallergenic dog. Here is my FAVORITE!

It's a West Highland White Terrier. She would be perfect for us because she's small so we could take her places when we travel...she can be alone for an extended period of time (because we both work), and the most important thing...she's cute! I don't think I have Matt convinced just yet...and a dog is a huge responsibility...but maybe someday soon!

And finally, without further ado, I introduce to you..Stump..the winner of Best in Show!!

The 10 year old sussex spaniel

Apparently he almost died in the early 2000's...was saved by a miracle from God...and this is his first year back in five years! Pretty impressive! That'll do Stump, that'll do.


Lindsey said...

I love that that dog won, Stump deserved it! What a cute dog!

Mandy Rose said...

I love dogs too! HUGE DOG LOVER!! I am sad because I totally missed the show. Thanks for the recap!